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Gilles Moashk Kovacs is in frequent demand as a First Nations consultant and educator across Canada. The list below details some of the venues and places he's presented to over the years.

Justice Canada (Ottawa). Spiritual advisor. Translator/interpretor.

International Winter Scout Jamboree 2000. Survival winter camp site management.

International Sacred Music Festival. Sacred chants.

Canada Day Celebrations. First Nations Site management.

Quebec Carnaval.  Storytelling and lodge construction.

Parks Canada. Workshops, storytelling, interpretation of primitive living skills.

Quebec City Ice Hotel. Cultural interpretation, lodge construction.

Several Television and International Media appearances. TV5 (France), TQS, Radio-Canada, Television Ontario.

Quebec New France Celebrations. Singing, storytelling. Management of the first nations site.

National Aboriginal Day (Quebec City). Spiritual worker. Storytelling.

Montreal Botanical Gardens. Participated in the construction of the First Nations permanant site.

Active member of N.A.V.A. National, aboriginal, veteran, association.

Certified herbalist and therapist. Over twenty (20) years experience.

Scouts Canada. Master instructor wilderness survival skills.

Professional Outdoor Guide. Workshops, outdoorsman shows, pro tournaments. Expert Consultant.

Canadian Armed Forces. Honorary certificate. January 1988.

Over six hundred (600) presentations in the Canadian education system, wilderness centres, Native Friendship Centres, Pow Wows across Canada and abroad.

Over fifty (50) traditional lodges (longhouses, igloos, quinzees) constructed for clients such as the Quebec Carnaval and in many other Quebec regions.

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