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With a repertoire of roles and titles nearly as long as the mighty St-Lawrence herself,  Innu First Nations speaker and teacher Gilles Moashk Kovacs is making a big difference in the lives of people around the world. He has been active in many traditional and contemporary circles since the late eighties. At ease with a wide range of audiences whether corporate or private, and in settings ranging from universities to junior and senior high schools and businesses, Gilles has also presented in national and regional conferences and has appeared on local and international television networks such as TV5 (France), TQS, Radio-Canada, and various English speaking networks. Trilingual himself (Innu, French, and English), Gilles carries the burden of his work lightly, for nothing inspires him more than to bring the soul of the wilderness and his Native culture into people's hearts. He is a master storyteller, a knowledgeable historian, a certified herbalist and therapist, a spiritual worker, a master hunting and fishing guide who knows all the "hotspots", a respected workshop facilitator, and an enthusiastic public speaker. He is also a proud husband and father.

In his spare time, Gilles like to collect various First Nations artifacts, with pieces ranging from arrowheads to masks, miniature longhouses, primitive tools, headdresses, totem poles, drums, pottery, weaponry, clothing, and others.
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