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After that trophy salmon or trout? How about finally bagging that elusive grandaddy buck whitetail or bull moose? This season, stack the odds in your favor by hiring a professional guide with generation upon generation of time tested techniques custom suited for eastern Canada's most sought after species. Caribou, moose, whitetail deer, black bear, waterfowl and small game - it's your choice. Gilles can put you not only well within gun, rifle, or camera range of whatever animal you seek, but also impart to your long anticipated expedition an authentic cultural flavour.

A longtime and enthusiastic outdoorsman, Gilles has hunted, fished, and trapped across all four of Quebec's cardinal directions. And anyone who knows him also knows that once the first frosts form across the land, this man virtually dissapears from civilization - at complete ease with the land, the wild, and the client he happens to be with. Hopefully it will be you.
Things clients should know in regards to Gilles' services:

1) Boat is custom designed and made by Gilles and the
    manufacturer. Unsinkable and fully compliant with all
    federally assigned standards.

2) All professional grade hunting and fishing equipment can
    be supplied on demand. ***

3) Game permits can be purchased with assistance with

4) Choice of lodging services ranging from traditional Innu
    tents to contemporary five star accomodations.

5) Length of trips/expeditions defined by client. Minimum
    preparation time prior to hunting trips is 30 days.

6) Maximum of two clients per trip/expedition.
*     According to client's experience levels.
**    Will require additional preparation time to hire extra personnel.
***  All licenses and permits deemed responsibility of the client.
• Guided hunting, fishing, trapping, and
  wildlife observation trips.

Guaranteed results for all kinds of
  freshwater gamefish and wildlife. *

• Single and group packages available. **
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Gilles was a member of Berkley prostaff team for over 10 years!