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Kanata Ilnu Essi
Shamans are not acknowledged on this site, there is no Shamans in Quebec, the word does not come from Canada, in fact it comes from Russia.

Medecine people do not spread this information or take advantage of the title, we are talking here about keepers of the knowledge and the oral tradition. These persons are recognised by there communities and most important by their tradionnal circles.
In the aboriginal world only few are qualified to talk about this knowledge, these persons have received precice teachings from there elders.

Oral tradition, the word says it, this does not come from reading books on indians or other writtings on the subject. This is transmited orally from generation to generation by elders.

Elders and wisdom people, here are other words that brings many questions. This person must be recognised by the others as such. Many people use this title because of there hair color, note that age has nothing to do with the issue, life experience and healling of own wounds are factors in giving guidance and good advice to others. There is no age to be wise, wisdom comes with own life experiences and your won path, in fact each person creates it's own road and
learn from his mistakes.

Be alert and cautious, ask questions to the people who say having these titles.
Examples: Who are your elders? How long have you been with your elders? Do you have references?
Can i call them?
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