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• Teepees / lodges: sales and rentals.

• Site design and maintenance.

• Workshops / field trips.

• Custom teepee painting designs.

• Professional consulting services
Few things reawaken one's joy for living and closeness to nature like stepping inside a traditional lodge or teepee. With stories, singing, and a fire, it is made even better! With over two hundred (200) teepees, longhouses, quinzees, shaputuans, and igloos set up around the province, few individuals are better suited than Gilles to help you recreate and maintain a traditional Native site, regardless of the occasion.

In addition to having designed and maintained traditional Native lodge sites for special interest groups (see list below), Gilles rents out and sells lodges and teepees. Currently in his possession he has two (2) 5 metre wide teepees (one of them is painted), an Innu tent, and a Shaputuan lodge measuring more than 15 Metres in length that can easily accomodate 60 people. Great for year round workshops and school field trips.

If you are seeking helpful guidance and instructions on how to set up a lodge or tee-pee, or if you're looking for a great way to bring the Native spirit and culture into your school field trip or business group, Gilles can help make your vision a reality.

List of groups and associations to which Gilles has provided traditional lodge goods and services:

• International Winter Scout Jamboree 2000.

• Canada Day Celebrations.

• Quebec Carnaval.

• Quebec Ice Hotel.

• Fete de la Nouvelle France de Quebec (Quebec New France
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