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Welcome to my site, I have dedicated my life to create bonds between Natives and non Natives, for a better understanding of each other, I would like all people to walk with nature and not against it.
Also to be aware that mother earth and the animals can teach you many
things, by observing and listening. Always remember,  that our father the sun and our grand mother the moon are our spiritual keepers and they rise every day for us! Respect nature and the creation for the benefit of all mankind.

Walk in peace, Considered Bear

Thsinuau ishkuess mak nitauassimet, kessinu Innu, nekaui, nutaui, nukum,
nimushum, Essi mak menashkua ueshiss,

Tshe Nashkumitin.................................Akuatelameo Moashk Tekouerimat
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