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N.A.V.A / Canada
News flash : Quebec N.A.V.A chapter is in operation... The first ever native veteran organisation for natives by natives in Quebec history...

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Here I am in front of the Cross of Sacrifice (1924) of Quebec on the first historical appearance of our aboriginal group on remembrance day 2010.
I honor my ancestors, historical warriors that I remember:

*Grand chief
Noël "Negabamat" dit Tekouerimat (Montagnais), war captain of Sillery.

*Warrior chief of Sillery
Jean baptiste Etchneskaouat (Montagnais).

*Grand warrior chief
Charles "Negaskaouat" dit Tekouerimat (Montagnais).

*Warrior chief of Sillery
Martin Etchneskaouat (Montagnais).

*Grand war chief of Ossosané, chief
Atseña dit Le Plat, (Huron) from the bear nation.