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Traditional Storytelling
Guiding Services
Wilderness Survival
Native Consultant
Unique miniature iroquois longhouse, exellent teaching tool.
A brother and elder: Raymond, from Wendake.
Welcome to the Culture Camp!
A rear view of the arrows and quiver. Notice the detailed leatherwork and craftmanship.
A typical artifacts set-up during one of our many demonstrations during the summer.
The Pacific Ocean: British Columbia's West Coast treasure.
The bear in his cultural lodge!
Bear at Chichen Itza, Mayan land.
A real close Mayan crocodile!
The Bear's fishing camp, a great place to unwind and relax for a few weeks every summer.
On a guided fishing trip, only the client gets to relax. The guide is always trying to maximize the day's catch.
A trophy salmon caught at the Montmorency Falls in Quebec City.
The friendly giant:,  Mikhael Gilles' seven foot tall son.
Now that's one satisfied customer!
A hand carved raven mask from British Colombia.
Aim...and release. Instinctive archery shooting at its finest.
Singing and drumming with family and friends.
Saluting the four cardinal directions and grandfathers, an ancient cultural tradition.
A custom designed and built boat - brought to life by The Bear.
A diplay on a native archeological site.
The Sugar Camp, host and partner of the Culture Camp.
How's this for a local landmark? Totem poles originate from the West Coast.
A polar bear hand carved from quartz. It's origin: Iqaluit.
An interior view of the miniature longhouse: a great place to imagine yourself with friends and good food.
Two of Gilles' favorite artifacts: the miniature teepee and a hand carved canoe.
15 feet, 5 meters of snow this winter 2008.
Public interest in First Nations issues and traditions is always growing.
Gilles' daughter Myriam.
Arms around the Grandfather: Elder's Conference in Victoria, British Columbia.
Gilles and his Abenakis elder Jean Marc, from Coleraine.
The Bear and the Giant, one measuring six feet tall and the other seven feet.
Confederation Day, a chance for people from all walks of life to celebrate.
A trophy whitetail weighing in at over 280 Lbs.
Kids! Come learn how to behave when in a skunk's presence.
A rest well deserved - from 20 meters below the surface of the ocean in Varadero, Cuba!
A wedding ceremony performed by The Bear.
The Bear teaches kids how to respect the sacred drum.
The best shore lunch you'll ever have - prepared by The Bear!
The ghost fish of lake St-Joseph.
A speckled trout, one of the largest specimens caught by Gilles.
Welcome to Cuba!
Miniature Algonquin and Iroquois longhouses.
The wampum belt is a ceremonial tool containing many personal teachings.
My life partner and best assistant.
A chinook salmon caught by Gilles.
One spooky wolf picture.
N.A.V.A Aboriginal veteran
My elder and huron teacher.