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• Year round workshops and classes 
  suitable for groups of all ages and

• Fire making / Flint knapping.

• Medicinal and edible plants.

• Cordage / Basketmaking / Pottery.

• Hide tanning / Cooking
For the masses, the opportunity to venture out into the wilderness with a recognized survival expert is a distant dream. Imagine being told first hand not only what certain plants are but also what medicines they contain, being shown how to pick them, how they can be eaten or used, and that is only the beginning. What an opportunity!

Sharpened by decades of practice, Gilles' repertoire of survival techniques represent not only an art form in themselves. They are quickly becoming seen by many as indispensable skills. A certified Master Instructor of wilderness survival, Gilles is quick to point out that the life journey is one that never ends. He therefore continuously refines and perfects his craft. If you've ever dreamed of being able to survive in nature without modern tools and accessories, "The Bear" is the man who can teach you how to do it!
Wilderness survival skills taught include:
• Flint knapping
• Pottery making
• Firemaking (without matches or lighters)
• Bark basketry
• Hide tanning and rawhide making
• Gluemaking
• Fishtrap making
• Knife making using primitive techniques. Also making
  bows, spears, arrows, and other weapons.
• Cordmaking
• Various firecooking methods
• Edible and medicinal plants
• Finding and hunting game. Wildlife observation.
• Shelter and igloo construction.
• Orienteering (with and without GPS)
• Hunting, fishing, and trapping
• Several other essential wilderness skills.
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Gilles is a qualified master survival expert for scouts Canada.